Bishop Simon (A UK health and safety, biosafety management company) have been quoted in IOSH magazine’s article “Are You Prepared for the Next Biohazard?”. This article speaks on: preparing for biohazards such as novel microbial outbreaks as a part of modern health and safety considerations, adapting to the Covid-19 biosafety measures, and how to build new strategies for the future. Bishop Simon advises on how we can adjust to a “new normal” by discussing the enjoyable ways employers can continuously reinforce government safety messaging to maintain biosecure measures.

Shurene Bishop Simon, director of Bishop Simon, a health, safety and biosafety mangement consultantcy, says that employers can play an important role in continuously reinforcing government safety messaging. ‘With COVID-secure measures, you’re asking employees to do a hard thing, and human beings respond to rewards so it will be beneficial to think of creative ways to incentivise them. For example, to get people to spend the recommended 20 seconds washing their hands, you could devise a competition asking employees to identify a 20-second song that could be used instead of Happy Birthday.

Dr Shurene Bishop Simon, PhD, CMIOSH, MISTR – October 2020

Dr Shurene Bishop Simon earned her PhD in Microbial Proteomics at the Queen Mary University of London and is currently the Health and Biosafety Manager for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Surrey. She is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, and Member of the Institute of Safety in Technology and Research. Her company, Bishop Simon, was founded in 2018 and includes stakeholders who have helped to shape the health and safety regulations enforced in the UK today.

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