Bishop Simon is a respected UK health & safety, biosafety management company. The founder, Dr Shurene Bishop is an experienced biosafety, health and safety consultant listed on the Occupational Safety and Health Consultant Register. The company, Bishop Simon was founded in 2018 and offers a range of services. Based in London, Shurene works all over the UK. If your company needs risk assessment, management guidance Contact Bishop Simon today.

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Boost Your GMM Therapy Drug Clinical Trial Recruitment

Since 2015, the pharmaceutical industry has seen a significant increase in the design and trial of gene therapy drugs that are based on genetically modified microorganisms (GMM). This is largely due to the clever application of genetic engineering which has created new biological tools such as Crispr/Casp 9 and replication incompetent target specific viral vectors. These tools are special as their application allows targeted delivery of gene therapy, therefore reducing...

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Three Steps to Boost your GMM Drug Clinical Trial Recruitment – Condensed – LBIC News 2022

The pharmaceutical industry has seen a significant increase recently in the design and trial of drugs based on genetically modified microorganisms (GMM). This trend is likely to continue as new genetic engineering technologies become available, meaning more clinical trials and demand for patient recruitment. 

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Bishop Simon LBIC (2021)

Biosafety: A Brief Introduction to Compliance - By Dr Shurene Bishop Simon, Director of Bishop Simon (A health, safety and biosafety consultancy)

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Biosafety: A brief introduction to compliance – IOSH magazine 2020

Bishop Simon (A UK health and safety, biosafety management company) have been quoted in IOSH magazine’s article “Are You Prepared for the Next Biohazard?”. This article speaks on: preparing for biohazards such as novel microbial outbreaks as a part of modern health and safety considerations, adapting to the Covid-19 biosafety measures, and how to build new strategies for the future. Bishop Simon advises on how we can adjust to a...

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Health and Safety Management Guide – LBIC News 2020

A quick guide to implementing a health and Safety management system. We've had an article featured in LBIC news that details a step by step guide to implementing a Health and Safety management system. The article emphasises the steps in: writing a health and safety policy, implementation of a plan, self-assessment in risk management, performance review and, reflective action when needed.

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