Dr Shurene Bishop Simon established her own health & safety, Biosafety Risk Assesment Company in 2018. She is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, and Member of the Institute of Safety in Technology and Research. Based in London, Bishop Simon, provide a comprehensive range of health, safety and biosafety services throughout the UK: Including audits and inspections to carrying out the duties of a biological – Biosafety officer. If you need more information on the services offered, or if you require a health and safety, biosafety service not mentioned below, take advantage of the free consultation offered and Contact Bishop Simon to find out how they can help.

UK Biosafety Services

Audits & Inspections

This is an assessment of the organisation’s biosafety management system. It looks to comply with all the relevant regulations set by organisations such as COSHH. Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations, and other relevant codes of practice and guidance the Management and Operation Codes of Practice. This will clearly indicate areas which require improvement, where this is necessary. Useful for identifying blind spots and level of compliance with health and safety regulations.

GM Risk assessments, Code of Practice and SOP Advice and Review

Assistance with drafting and reviewing essential documents.

Contract Biological |Biosafety Officer

This service is suitable for organisations without the in-house expertise to carry out the duties of a biological – Biosafety officer.

GM Committee Advice and Support

Having an ex-FICIO member onboard provides guidance for the decision making process, as well as confidence about the decisions made. This is particularly beneficial to organisations without an in-house biosafety officer.

Notification to the regulatory

For example: First use of the premises and GM class activity

GM Clinical Trial Support

This works with pharmacy and hospital settings to be compliant with the GM regulations: Primarily for the enrolment of patients in the clinical trials of GM drugs.

Biosafety Awareness Training up to Containment Level 3

Delegates gain knowledge of the regulatory requirements. We can teach them to have consideration for hazard groups and risk management practices. Essential for safeguarding human health and the environment. Plus, and most importantly, they will have the knowledge to facilitate their employer to manage biosafety risks. Take a look at this free, quick guide to implementing a health & safety biosafety management system

UK Health & Safety Services

Audits and Inspections

This is an assessment of an organisation’s health and safety management system. This assessment will clearly highlight all areas which require improvement. Useful for identifying blind spots and current level of compliance with health and safety regulations.

Health and Safety Committee Advice and Support

Providing an ex-FICIO member can provide guidance and confidence with regards to the decision making process. Our advice and support is particularly beneficial for companies and organisations without an in-house health and safety advisor.

Risk Assessment, Codes of Practice and SOP Advice and Review.

A review of current documents in order to improve quality and for them to be suitable and sufficient. Assistance with drafting new documentation is also available.

Training: Risk Assessment etc

We can provide bespoke training to increase staff knowledge and confidence. Just one example. Risk assessment training will give staff the knowledge, competence and confidence to produce suitable and sufficient risk assessments.

New Company Management System Set Up

Ideal for start-up organisations that need to put in place health and safety arrangements. Organisations will be compliant with the Health and Safety Executive’s HGS 65 model for managing health and safety.

How Can Our Health & Safety Biosafety Services Save You Money?

We are comfortable, confident problem solvers. One of our latest project was commissioned by a medical device company. They were given a sound plan to safely investigate faulty devices removed from patients. This enabled the company to safely investigate in-house. With no need to outsource, they are saving money!